RoleplayBot - Discord Bot!

Enchancing Roleplay Communities Forever

CAD/MDT System

RoleplayBot has an integrated CAD/MDT (Computer Aided Dispatch / Mobile Data Terminal) System meaning you can keep everything in one place, No need for third-party websites or constant verification, Everything is handled inside Discord and smoothly integrates with your current RoleplayBot Civilian Characters, Arrests, Citations, Weapons, Vehicles Medical Records & much more. Furthermore You will never need to accept another user into your system, All you need to do is provide the user with your configurated role of choice, And your ready to start. Its that simple!

Law Enforcement

Roleplaying as a Law Enforcement Officer has never been easier with RoleplayBot, The bot includes many LEO specific commands developed by Roleplayers to ensure it reached the features required. There is an easy to use Citation and Fine builder which allocate the correct fine related to your charges, More Features include Bodycam abilitys, Searching users quickly and logging tickets, citations and arrests to the civilian database for easy access. Furthermore its easy to create BOLOs for civilians and vehicles which will alert all officers.

Fire Department & Medical

Unlike most Roleplay bots, We dont neglect the Fire department & Medical services. In fact we complied around 15 different commands dedicated to Fire & EMS. These includes, Abilities to mark civilian characters deceased, Automated external defibrillator (AED) With sound effects and much more! These help your first responders to do there job faster, quicker and Save more lives whilst enhance realism inside Roleplay